Agrarfrost Final Edition v 10.6 mr

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Agrarfrost Final Edition v 10.6 mr

Postautor: maki1234 » 21 wrz 2014, 10:07


Welcome to the final version of the map Agrarfrost. The map was completely redesigned and many objects and functions were added.

For a complete description and a tutorial to learn the functions and extra activities, read the PDF file in English.

I will present only a few functions and a brief description of the main features of the map.

There are 3 versions of the map. A normal, other MR and the third, MR + SoilMod.

Make your choice:

v10.5 - Last updated version

v10.6 - Last updated version MR (with SoilMod and ChoppedStraw)

Need help?

Agrarfrost User's Manual

SoilMod User's Manual

I received lots of complaints from users who say that the fields are very narrow. To cultivate, plant and harvest, you should use the the latest version of CP or AutoTractor or AutoCombine.

CoursePlay developer version

How to instal the CoursePlay developer version: ... index.html

AutoCombine V 2.4

AutoTractor V 1.42

It is IMPORTANT that you use these mods and scritps so the map can work properly.

For all versions (Normal, MR)


UniversalProcessKit V 1.1.0

GĂźlle Mist und Kalk Mod

Open the file and extract what is inside the "mod" folder for YOUR mod folder.


Joskin Betimax RDS 7500

Vieh-Auflieger v2.0

Großer WasserTrailer


manual Ignition 3.06

Ballen FĂśrderband

FĂśrderband Pack

TripleFarming Pack

Bank of Hagenstedt

New Earth Soils & Compost

Map Buyable Object

For MR versions

MoreRealistic Engine V1.3.61

MoreRealistic default Vehicle Pack V1.3.9




To avoid conflicts when you play other maps, remove the mods that comes with "SoilMod Edition" of your mods folder.


FermentingSilo v1.1.9

Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b

MapSiloBand v2.5.2

WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1

Schweinemast v1.0.3 (pigs)

WaterMod v3.0.1

MischStation v2.3.6

Oberthalbacher Landhandel rebuild v 1.0

RinderMast V 1.0 (beefs)

Forgotten Plants V 1.0 Realistic Texture

GĂźlle Mist und Kalk Mod 2.1.0

Brauerei Mit Produktion V 3.0

New VehicleShop V 1.1

Biogasanlagen Pack V 1.0

Maschendrahtzaun Mit Schiebetor V 1.0

Werkstatthalle Baukasten V 1.0 Beta

Waage Mit Statistikfunktion V 3.2.5 FĂźr GE

Digitalanzeige Fßr Silofßllstände V 3.2.0 Fßr GE

Mittlere Maschinenhalle V 1.0

Landhandel Rebuild V 1.0

ZuckerRaffenerie V 1.0

Billinger Landhandel LS 13 Ready V 1

Oil-extraction plant v1.0

WasserBrunnenStation V 1.2

DDR Wassertank mit Wassertrigger fĂźr LS2013


Map Buyable Object

SoilMod - Soil Management & Growth Control (v1.2.0)

ChoppedStraw V 1.2.06

I want to make here my sincere thanks to:







My sincere thanks to Sven Stautz. For reporting the error of factory animal feed: "grainstation colision plane".

More about the project XLFarms

Official Site


LAST UPDTADE 20/09/2014

Any questions, write in the comments.

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