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Wes Martin Redskins Jersey

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Planning and preparing before you begin to send out resumes could save you some embarrassing moments when you receive that unexpected call.

You just never know when that phone is going to ring. Let's say the phone rings just as you are about to sit down for dinner Da'Ron Payne Jersey , but this time it's not a pesky telemarketer -- it's a company recruiter calling. The voice on the other end of the phone says she is calling about a resume you sent in six weeks ago. 'What -- six weeks ago? I sent out 40 resumes in the past six weeks? Who exactly are you and what was the job you are calling about?' You've been caught off-guard!

The telephone 'screen call' can come at any time -- day or night. Some interviewers find evenings the best time to catch people at home, where they will be able to talk more candidly. That being the case, you should be on-call and prepared to receive a telephone interview at any time.

Even though you cannot control the timing of these calls, there are some steps that you can take to not be caught off-guard.

1. Get organized.

Set aside your materials as though you were going to a face-to-face interview. Have a folder with job postings or ads you have answered, along with company information. If you have several versions of your resume Landon Collins Jersey , attach the one relevant to the particular job posting. Keep this folder in a specific place so you can get to it in less than a minute. When the phone rings at an unexpected moment, tell the caller to hold and then grab your folder.

2. Be prepared.

This is key to any interview, but for the telephone interview it is essential. Practice with a tape recorder to hear the level of enthusiasm in your voice. The key to telephone interviews is projecting an upbeat image through the sound of your voice and the words you use.

3. Know what they are looking for.

Look over the job description to see what the company is seeking in a candidate. If you don't have a good description, look at other postings of similar positions to see what is being asked for. Compare what you have to offer against what they are looking for. Be ready to let the interviewer know what a good match you are for the position.

4. Alert the household.

Be sure everyone in your household -- children, roommates Alex Smith Jersey , etc., are aware that you will be receiving calls from recruiters and companies. The phone should be answered in a polite, professional manner. While you're at it, make sure your voice mail message is also professional and upbeat.

Telephone interviews, typically conducted by a human resources staff member or a hired recruiter Sean Taylor Jersey , are used as screening tools to save time and money. By asking key questions, the interviewer determines whether or not it's worthwhile to pursue you further as a candidate. The screenings may consist of a few quick questions or as much as a one-hour grilling.

Some general questions you might expect in a telephone screening are:

Why are you leaving your current job?

What kind of salaryjob are you looking for?

Tell me three adjectives that describe you.

Tell me about a time when you had to solve a problem using creativity.

Do you have any questions for me?

If there is some particular skill that qualifies you for a job, for example technical skills or languages, there may be some qualifying questions about the 'tools of the trade.'

Getting through this screening is critical for advancing to the next step: the face-to-face interview. This puts added pressure on you to present yourself in a positive, focused manner. If you attempt to wing this call Cheap Washington Redskins Hoodie , you may reach a dead end in the process. By organizing and preparing you will feel less stressed when these calls do come.

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Music was meant to be enjoyed the way the artist originally intended. Enjoy the convenience of streaming capabilities, wireless aesthetics, and sound without sacrifice. Technology in wireless options is at a high; take advantage of being able to enjoy dynamic sound entertainment without having to hook up your controlling device.

It goes without saying that most people prefer life with fewer wires, and that cable binding your phone to your speaker solution is one that’s just no longer bearable. Thankfully Customized Washington Redskins Jerseys , with the advances in technology, these little life burdens are slowly being lifted, and many innovative technologists have presented solutions for home and office to rid oneself of the wire burden. As far as music is concerned, wireless speakers aren’t new on the market, but what is – is the fact that one can now enjoy the same (or better) quality sound with wireless versions compared to their hooked up counterparts. Here are some advantages and ways to enhance your music listening experience with wireless speakers.

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