Lemken COMPACT Soitair 9H v 1.0

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Lemken COMPACT Soitair 9H v 1.0

Postautor: maki1234 » 03 wrz 2014, 15:41


The fast, trailed pneumatic tillage combination

High performance is becoming ever more important when sowing with modern drills - with no compromises, good reconsolidation, and perfect seed placement. The drill combination must also be versatile for use in mulch drilling and conventional ploughing and drilling.

The big seed hopper is easy to fill and meets all the requirements for high performance.
The depth of the cultivation section, with two rows of notched hollow discs, can be adjusted hydraulically.
The spring-loaded levelling tines are essential for levelling ploughed land. The large volume, AS profile, tyre packer reduces the draft requirement and provides good reconsolidation and safe road transport.
The new maintenance-free OptiDisc Double Disc coulters with rubber-tyred depth control wheels prevent blockages and provide uniform seed placement and ideal depth control even at high forward speeds.
With the Compact-Solitair HD, fertiliser can be applied at the same time as drilling, The two-part, variable hopper can be used for both seed and fertiliser.

Model: Smety
Textures: Smety
In game: Smety


"Zawsze programuj jak gdyby osoba zajmująca się twoim kodem w przyszłości była agresywnym psychopatą, który wie gdzie mieszkasz." - Martin Golding

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