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Agrardrost v 1.0

: 21 wrz 2014, 10:08
autor: maki1234

This ModPack is to map Agrarfrost v10.

With these mods you can carry your canola oil until the sale.

This package contains:

Kroeger Agroliner 34 SMK v1.0

Use to transport oilcake and husk

daniel11, fruktor, GIANTS Software GmbH

Tank for liquid products (CisternaOil) v2.0

Use to transport seed_oil

Pisty Silak_68 werik

Edited by MoslessNeo

Kuehlauflieger3AchsOverNightExpress v2.0

Use to transport packed_seed_oil

Giants Sven777b Geri-G Flydoc Skaln

Edited by MoslessNeo