John Deere 7950i

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John Deere 7950i

Postautor: k28828 » 22 maja 2014, 13:17


John Deere 7950i v 2.0 Dirt

Today I present to you a great forage harvester for bigger farms. After a long time, all the the work on it has been finally completed. This harvester is John Deere 7950i by VMV Modding. All information has been written below. Have a nice game!

* Full lighting operating on the basic fs functions.
* Operating Hours & ES Limiter.
* Manual Ignition.
* Real Exhaust Particle System.
* Wheel Particle Spec.
* The weights on the back
* Speed Display Control.
* New realistic driving physics.
* No serious errors in the log and working shema.
* RPM Display Control
* Fuel tank – 1200
* The maximum speed in the game – 40 km/h
* Daily upkeep – 320
* Price – 220000

||–|| I think that’s all, I don’t give to the function keys because they are easy to find. ||–||

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