New Holland 1112 Swather Pack

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New Holland 1112 Swather Pack

Postautor: Monster25 » 03 paź 2012, 22:07


This is re-skin of the excellent Fortschritt E340 Swather & E302 Cutter already on this site into an early 80′s New Holland 1112 Swather like the ones I used to see around when I was a bit younger.
Like the Fortschritt, this unit is used to swath grass only, it does not accept any grains, has a fully functioning autopilot and the killing grass problem has also been previously fixed.
I Edited the swather sounds to make them a little louder since they were very quiet and changed the sound on the cutter unit as the original used the game mower sound which is not accurate for a haybine header.
I included the EB327B header trailer from the swather pack I uploaded earlier, since it works fine with this cutter, skinned as a New Holland, for those who like to use a trailer to put the
header on for narrow lanes.

Cuts grass ONLY

V lowers/raises cutter
B turns cutter on/off

Pageup/down operates ESLimiter

0 brings up AP window

Hope you enjoy the re-skin and many thanks to the modelers and editors before me who made a great mod possible!

Swather and Cutter
Model: Muficek
convert: Emik
Edit/repair: Jonjunk
Re-skin: ccs101

DL: lub

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